KISS the Cookies, Stupid.

Dramatic Cookie

My life is a LIE!! Everything “they” told me was an awful, filfthly lie! Things really are that simple!

Okay. Let me back up a little. Cooking has single….-baking-pan-edly….shown me that the age-old adage, “keep it simple, stupid (KISS)” is abosutely a truism. Coming from someone who is a chronic over-thinker, this is akin to attaining Enlightenment. Don’t need my body anymore, thanks. I’ve got cookies. Oh, and don’t swat that mosquito. It’s a person too.


Oh yes, simple. Have you ever noticed, dear friend, that the dishes with the smallest list of ingredients often taste the best, or are the most popular, or are the staples that their more complicated brethren spawn from? Take for instance a steak. Salt, pepper, heat. That’s it. The moment you start slathering it with A1, gorganzola, crab Oscar, or ketchup (I’ve seen people do this….tragic, really.) is the moment you start decreasing your chances of actually enjoying your meal. What if the cheese was bad, or the crab was old? What if you put too much on? Yep. Safer and tastier to stick to a perfectly cooked, medium-rare steak. That bugger don’t need sauce.

Same goes with chicken breast, pork chops or duck. Mmmm…duck. And slow-roasted meats? Salt, pepper, onion and maybe a root or two. Boom. Pot roast. Gravy? Three ingredients: flour, delicious juices, butter.

So, what about the baking world? Ever heard of the “1 2 3 4” cake? The pound cake? Simple. Apple pie? Apples, flour, sugar, butter and maybe a dash of cinnamon. This, of course pertains to life in general. Living really isn’t hard. People have basic simple desires that are met by basic simple things. That whole, “women are so complex they make my ears bleed”?


Well…only the stupid ones are complicated. Give us attention like you would your best friend; have sex with us-to set us apart from your best friend; love us; do what you say you’re gonna do. That’s it. Anyone who says they need gifts, money, security, lacey stuff, sparkly stuff, excessive praise, etc., is not living correctly. Now, I’m no Buddhist, but I admire their philosophy: wanting deprives us of happiness. And wanting comes from, expecting too much out of life. If you don’t expect a lot, (like say for instance, something amazing and spectacular from a recipe with 2 million different ingredients), you won’t get disappointed a lot. Now, of course, I say this keeping in mind that I expect a lot from myself. If I didn’t, I’d be living on a beach somwhere off of sunshine and seagull poop. But, when it comes to other things, simplicity really does make you happier. And once I figured out that I didn’t have to do all this extra stuff, that more complicated didn’t necessarily mean better, and that I can expect happiness to come from the simplest of things…well, I ate cookies. And greatly enjoyed them.

(from Serious Eats)


1 cup Cake flour

1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons Powdered sugar

1/4 cup SPRINKLES!!!

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon extract of choice (or you can do the scented candle thing if you feel like an adventure)

Enough Oil to bring together to a stiff dough (like a sugar cookie dough)-about 1/2 cup-3/4 cup

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Combine all ingredients and stir/knead to combine

3. Form into 1/2″-1″ balls of wonderful

4. Bake for 10 minutes. Keep an eye on these dollops of joy, you’re not looking to brown them. They should only be slightly browned on the bottom.


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