Dude. It’s maki. Not sushi. There is no sushi.


YES. I am aware there is no spinach involved here. BUT, that’s what’s cool: you can use whatever you want! Here, it’s shredded carrots, daikon radish and broccoli–all nuked for a minute to soften it up.

Healthy food is awesome. It’s even better when it tastes good. Take sushi for instance. All daisies and sunshine till you hit the rice. I’m not ragging on that sticky deliciousness in any meaningful way, but it does tend to sabotage dieting objectives. you know the schpeel: glucose from simple carbs stimulates the production of insulin which in turn encourages the storage of the energy you’ve just consumed as fat. AND, glucose is used before fat, so if you ate only carbs, you’d be golden. In fact, you’d probably have the metabolism of a bird. And its muscle density  In other words, you’d be eaten by cats. But, it’s impossible to subsist only on carbohydrates. Duh. Everything you eat has a varied composition of macronutients (protein, fat and carbs). So…eating more carbs prevents the fat that you also eat from being used. I’ve gone over this. Bottom line: sushi rice is good in moderation.

**disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m saying.**
So…when you ARE moderating, sub it with something else! Like spinach. Spinach not only makes your smil more interesting, but it’s a powerhouse of nutrients and has very few calories. Frozen spinach is said to have even more nutrients than fresh. I forgot where I read that, but I’m sticking to it, dammit. So. You squeeze it out, you get a ball of green awesome that you can spread over nori and stuff with even more awesome. Like avocado (to help your body metabolize certain vitamins and minerals only soluble in fat). And red pepper (which has more vitamin C than a freaking orange).



2 sheets Nori

1 10oz. packae Frozen chopped spinach

Garlic poweder and onion powder to taste

Siracha to taste

Avocado, cucumbers, red pepper, carrots…whatever your little heart desires…for filling

1 tablespoon Soy sauce


1. Defrost the spinach and squeeze out as much liquid as those stongr capable hands can

2. Add garlic, onion, salt and siracha to taste, and stir/toss to combine

3. Have all your fillings prepped (i.e. julienned, diced, sliced, minced, etc.)

4. Lay out a cheet of nori and arrange about half the spinach in the quarter nearest you, acroass the length of the sheet…c’mon. If you’ve ever rolled anything in your life,you know how it works.

5. Arrange half of the fillings similarly and skwirt with a bit of siracha (if the amount in the spinach wasn’t enough)

6. Using a pastry brush (or your strong capable fingers…which can also be surprisingly delciate when need be) apply a bit of soy sauce to the exposed nori (so it’s easier to roll)

7. Using a sushi mat, or wax paper, or parchment, roll that baby up, tightening along the way.

8. Slice like a pro and consume.


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