You Guys are Friggin’ Awesome: Liebster Awarded!

I’ve just been nominated for an award!!

Well. Sort of.

It’s really technically more of a chain blog.

But…in retrospect, it really is an award. It’s an award in that any reader who stumbles upon my blog and actually takes time to read it is an award. And even more so if they take the time to contact you and nominate you. That is an award. Just because some awards are filled with fluff and ceremony, doesn’t add or subtract from the basis of the award itself: recognition. More people just tend to recognize the bigger ones.

But really, I was surprised that even one person found my blog interesting enough to follow. This. This is astounding. I am SO thankful to everyone of my followers for taking time-time that they’ll never get back…time that could have been spent skydiving-to sit down and read what I wrote.

So, thank you, Afifahcookie. You stand awesomer than most for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I am truly, really, and utterly honored.

That squish out of the way, lets DO this.

1) List 11 facts about yourself.
1. I’m short (I’ve accepted it and moved on)

2. I’m in law school. (Along with my over-acheiving, older sister…which I’ve also come to accept and moved on)

3. I draw stuff. And paint. Anime excites me, so I mostly draw that (with my BRAND-new digital art toy. I’m so excited, I just cannot.)

4. I’ve summitted three major U.S. mountains…one of which in a sling on my mother’s back)

5. I can SCUBA dive.

6. I’m a second-degree black belt (but I’ve been out of it waaaaaay too long)

7. I can play piano. (Just learned Welcome Home by Radical Face, and was going to start on Some Nights by Fun….but then I got my new toy and I haven’t left this seat.)

8. I’ve been to Europe, and gotten lost in Madrid and Corfu. (I also had a private tour of a patchwork basilica and catacombs in Rome from my art history professor)

9. I’m a culinary school graduate. (In French pastry)

10. I have a cat. (Who’s really a dog)

11. I eat coconut cream from the can.


2) Answer the 11 questions that have been given to you by your nominator.

a. If the world was to run out of chocolate, what would you do?
a. I wouldn’t eat chocolate.

b. Red pill or Blue pill?
b. Depends on whether the red is cherry-flavored.

c. Would you undo anything in your past? If yes, what would it be?
c. Choosing a science major in college. I would have KILLED that GPA had I gone for a writing/religious studies major.

d. Who is your number one inspiration?
d. My dad.

e. Do you read books? What would you recommend?
e. Yes. All of them. (But seriously, anything by Brandon Sanderson. He’s got a great combination of snark and somberness)

f. What is your favourite colour? Why?
f. Blue. Because. (My parents have always bought me blue stuff [and my sister’s always gotten red] so I guess it’s just stuck. I also find it calming.)

g. Name one thing you would love to do right now.
g. Skydiving. No. Cliff jumping. Fackit. Both.

h. What makes you cry?
h. When I don’t live up to my expectations. When I think about how much I love my family. When I think about eventually losing my parents. WHAT AN AWFUL QUESTION.

i. Tell me the one movie you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.
i. Chocolat.

j. Invent one ice cream flavour combo that hasn’t been invented yet (that would probably taste great).
j. Honey base with a peanut butter swirl and chunks of vanilla oreos. I just foodgasmed.

k. What is the craziest pick up line that you would use?
k. Get in. I have cupcakes.


3) Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

1. Number 1 on your bucket list?

2. What language do you wish you could speak and why?

3. What food could you eat everyday forever?

4. What is your general outlook on life (i.e. why do you keep waking up in the morning?)

5. Obligatory super power question: Which one and why?

6. Where, if anywhere other than where you are now, would you want to live?

7. Coffee or tea?

8. Weirdest/best/most memorable experience to date?

9. What era of time would you rather live in?

10. Person-in any time, place or dimension (i.e. they can be fictional) would you like to meet?

11. Hugs or kisses?


4) Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.

1. Your Sushi Chef’s Blog

2. My Sushi World

3. Lutraphobic

4. Spifficated


5) Go to each blogger’s page and let them know that you have nominated them for the award.

6) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.


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