Tuna Salad Sushi


If lobster can be thrown from its high horse into something so humble as a fajita, then surely something as humble as canned tuna can be elevated to a gourmet fluffy-stuff that’ll have food DaDaists raving. And that fluffy stuff? What else but my if-you-could-choose-only-one-food-to-eat-for-the-rest-of-your-life food stuff: sushi. It makes sense on SO many levels. Enumerated below:

  1. It’s still tuna.
  2. What makes it so different from spicy crab salad?
  3. It’s cheap
  4. It’s shelf-stable
  5. It’s delicious
  6. It’s like a tuna salad sammich, only with seaweed
  7. It’s brilliant. Come on. You know this was an epic idea.

So, here’s how I did it:

Roll # 1: Tuna-sammich-in-a-sushi roll

That stuff on top is Ranch dressing.

That stuff on top is Ranch dressing.

Roll # 2: Baked like a phoenix roll

My mayo wasn't spicy

My mayo wasn’t spicy

Tuna Salad

1 can of Tuna, drained

2 tablespoons Mayo

1 teaspoon Miracle Whip (optional)

1 teaspoon Ketchup

½ teaspoon Siracha

1 tablespoon minced Onion

Pinch of Garlic powder

¼ teaspoon Toasted sesame oil

Vinegar or lemon juice to taste (I used between ¼ teaspoon and ½ teaspoon)

Salt and pepper

Roll # 1

1 sheet of Nori

½ of the Tuna salad mixture

2 leaves of Romaine or Red leaf lettuce

1 tablespoon Crispy onions (you know…the kind your mom put on top of green bean casserole….mmmm….green bean casserole.)

2 tablespoons Avocado (about 3-4 ¼ inch slices)

2 tablespoons (2 wedges) Tomato (gooey seed stuff removed)

Squirt of Siracha (optional)

Soy sauce

  1. Place nori shiny-side-down on your sushi mat (like, $2.00 at an Asian market)
  2. Moosh the tuna salad in a line about ½ inch from the edge closest to you
  3. Arrange avocado, tomato and crispy onions evenly in a line on the tuna
  4. Sprinkle with salt and Siracha
  5. Top with lettuce leaves (leafy ends facing out, stalk ends touching each other in the middle)
  6. Brush nori with a bit-o-soy sauce and roll (check this out for mad rolling skillz)

Roll # 2

1 sheet Nori

½ Tuna salad mixture

2 tablespoons cream cheese (or farmer’s cheese; which was what I used)

2 Asparagus spears, blanched (just stick em in the nuke box for 30 seconds on high)

1 tablespoon minced Onion (I like red onion…you can also use chopped scallion)

Soy sauce

1 tablespoon Spicy mayo (2 tablespoons mayo + 1 teaspoon Siracha)

  1. Preheat oven to broil (500 degrees on my oven) and prepare a sheet pan with parchment (or foil and non-stick spray)
  2. Nori: shiny side down
  3. Moosh cream cheese in a line ½ inch from the edge closest to you
  4. Moosh the rest of the tuna salad on top of the line-o-cream cheese
  5. Arrange asparagus so the tips are facing out, and sprinkle minced onion in a line
  6. Season with a bit-o-salt (I’m feeling Irish today)
  7. Brush exposed nori with soy sauce and roll like the sushi champ you are
  8. Arrange sushi on the sheet pan and dollop tops (the flat, exposed filling…not the nori) with mayo
  9. Broil until browned (about 2 minutes)

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