Eggs Will Always be There to Guide you Through your Adversities


I had lost hope. A hope that the original French Silk pie-the one entered into the Betty Crocker’s bake-off that fateful day in 1951; the one made simply with raw eggs, sugar, chocolate and butter; yes friends, the one who’s texture was suppose to be derived solely from elbow grease (Really? Why that analogy? Who greases their elbows, I mean really.), patience and a seemingly nonsensical amount of time…


Wait. Where was I going with this?


Oh yes.


I had lost hope that the texture that I loved so much-the one I grew up on-from Village Inn pies couldn’t be had without chemical additives, gelatin or *gulp* whipped cream. I had consigned myself to unappetizing crumbliness if I wanted to maintain the tradition and intention of the pie’s creator. But no more! Salmonella risk-takers rejoice! For I have found a recipe
that perfectly recreates the elusive Village Inn French Silk Pie. No gelatin. No weird gums or starches. No. Whipped. Cream.



More of them.


Put together with an equal ratio of butter to sugar and more chocolate (yes, that’s right: more bloody chocolate.), this recipe produces a looser un-chilled filling that, when chilled, firms up to become the perfect consistency. It holds its shape just long enough for you to finish a slice. Just like Village Inn’s.


And the inspiration for revisiting this lost-cause-that-is-no-longer-a-lost-cause? Mom. Who else? So the moral of the story: never lose hope. Never give up. Never surrender. Wait. That’s Galaxy Quest. The moral of the story is eggs.



1 cup Graham cracker crumbs (you get them boxed. No lie.)

3 tablespoons Butter, melted

2 tablespoons Bailey’s (oh, I went there.)

1 cup Sugar

1 cup Butter, room temperature

1 tablespoon Vanilla

6 oz. Bittersweet chocolate (I used 4 oz. semisweet and 2 oz. unsweet)

4 magnificent, wonderful, fantastic eggs, room temperature



1. Prepare crust: combine melted butter, graham cracker crumbs and Bailey’s then press into the pie pan. No baking necessary.

2. Melt chocolate.

3. Using a whisk attachment (another brilliant change), cream butter and sugar until the obligatory light-and-fluffy phase

4. Add vanilla and whisk until combined

5. Add chocolate gradually, scraping the sides as you go, and whisk until incorporated

6. Add one egg, and beat for 5 minutes. No less. Don’t cheat.

7. Add the second egg and repeat, scraping the sides after each addition. Have a cup of tea and a book handy. Or Pinterest.

8. Repeat with remaining eggs.

9. Transfer filling to prepared crust and chill for at least 2 hours.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Mom and I in our rain gear up canoeing the Boundary Waters in Michigan

Mom and I in our rain gear up canoeing the Boundary Waters in Michigan


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