Food is essential to life. The types of food you eat directly affect your health. The stress you feel when you 1) eat unhealthy foods and suffer the consequences, and 2) eat healthy foods that taste like cardboard directly affect your health. So. Why not strike a balance that works for your body, mind and spirit. Seriously, folks. It’s that easy. Eat healthy foods most of the time, and indulge some of the time (makes the indulgence all the better, by the way). Sometimes, you can even trick your body into believing that you are indulging. See? Two birds with one stone.

The way I see it, is that you’ve got one life in this body. T’would be a shame to spend it subjecting yourself to something less than joyful three times a day, everyday. Food should be an experience. A reminder that you are alive, and that for at least that moment, everything is perfect. I’m going to share with you the recipes and foods that make those perfect moments for me.

My name is Jess. I am a Renaissance woman. Okay. Actually, I just get bored really easily. I was an artist in highschool, and then moved to New York to study French pastry. I took a 4-year long pit stop at university and walked away with a doughnut and a degree in health (the dean wasn’t pleased with the doughnut, but I gave him one of those huge Peppermint Patties, and he stopped giving me the stink eye…did I take that one too far?). Now, I find myself, after looking physics class in the face and running away in terror, in law school. Yes. I ran from the frying pan to the flame. But, it has been fun so far. Lawyers are the most satirical group of people I’ve come across. And when they get drunk? Well. Have you ever seen a suit in hula skirt reciting the four prongs of civil negligence? Neither have I. But I’m sure it’ll happen. Even if it’s me that’s shaking it like I’ve got one.


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    • Okay. Smiling ear to ear. All day. Now my face hurts. Thanks. But seriously, that is SUCH and honor! I’m always surprised whenever you leave a comment…it’s like “oh, yeah! This is visible to the ENTIRE WORLD.” I never think anybody would actually spend the time to read an obscure little food blog. Thank YOU for taking that time and inspiring ME. You’re awesome. Nay, the awesomest.

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  1. You’re blog is really good. I’ve secretly been popping in when I see you’ve posted something in my fb news feed from time to time. Just thought I’d let you know… keep at it, girl!! Enjoying it !! πŸ™‚

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